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"Group of 500" to go to production "soon"?!

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OK, here's a new one. I ordered my Enclave 5/21. After no word for about 5 weeks, contacted the dealer. No word on mine but there was another ordered (same everything) at another dealer that had a prior date compared to mine and they were willing to do a dealer trade. A short time later, and with some discussion with the GM powers that be, I instead got a build date of 8/5 while the other dealer trade vehicle had none at all. No brainer to go with the Enclave that had an actual build date. Felt pretty good about the process at that point. This past Thurs. and Fri. I found out from my dealer that my build date had "disappeared and we don't know why". They called the GM people again. The story they got was that they didn't know whay either, but that there was a "group of 500" that were being "pushed through" for production "soon". GM people couldn't tell my dealer if mine was part of that group or not. I would have to wait and see!! Questions are as follows: Am I/my dealer being strung along because we're too easy? and where the heck are all of the Enclaves being produced going? As far as I can tell no one here seems to be getting their vehicles either!! Anyone else hear about this "Group of 500"?? :banghead:
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they are going to gm exec's, rental car compaines and buick hosted functions such as pga tours and the like.
How many can that be? The PGA was a while back and rentals from what I can tell are scattered in a few places around the country. Even if every GM exec. got one these things, they should be on the street somewhere! Within 150 miles of my location there are only about a dozen or so on the lots in dealerships. Maybe, just maybe, they should produce MORE Enclaves and FEWER Saturn/GMC versions?!? :eek:hno:
Maybe Enclaves are being hoarded by some wealthy investment group. Or maybe that's just the beer talking.

Big Larry
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We had around (40) Enclaves in this area for the TPC John Deere Classic the week of July 8th. They have been distributed to several Dealers in the area & are now sitting on their lots. I was at the Dealer where I bought my Enclave last Friday & they had (8). I'm in western Illinois Quad City area.
:blob:Just got the call that my "new" production date is 8/13. Looks like late Aug or early Sept delivery. Nobody knows what happened to the first production date, ???
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