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Guide to the Hai Van pass
Hai Van Pass is always the route that any traveller wants to conquer because of its grandeur and beauty. One side is the immensity of the sea, one side is the grandeur of the day. Hai Van pass is like a silk band winding around Truong Son mountain range. This road is in the "Top 10 most beautiful coastal roads in the world". Everyone who loves travelling once wants to come here to enjoy the coolness of the sea and to hear the murmur of the mountains.
The best time to visit Hai Van Pass
The best time to ride is at the end of the dry season in September. At this time the weather is not too hot, the temperature has decreased compared to the middle of the dry season and it has not rained much because the rainy season has not yet come. Conquering the Hai Van Pass is always a great trip any time of the year, but care must be taken when it is wet. Due to the nature of the pass, sometimes the top can be hidden in the mist, blocking the view. The fog gives it a wonderful atmosphere and with the lush forest, it can feel like you are riding a horse into Jurassic Park.
When traveling to Hai Van Pass, make sure you have the necessary things with you: Sunscreen, long sleeves and pants are useful to minimize the use of motorbikes. During the cooler months, a thin and waterproof jacket is also recommended as it can be quite cold on the top of the pass. You should also prepare a few bottles of water because walking on the road will be difficult for you to find where to sell it.
Rent a motorbike
One of the most popular ways to see Hai Van pass is to rent a motorbike and visit it, even going all the way to Hue. You can stop where you want and detour to wherever you like along the way without depending on anyone. We recommend that you have the experience of riding a motorbike before trying to pass a mountain pass because there are many bends on the road, the road can be slippery. If you have the skills and experience, you will be able to react quickly and promptly in unexpected situations.
From Hoi An, it takes about an hour and a half to get to the starting point of Hai Van pass and to go from side to side takes only about 45 minutes on a good motorbike. However, you should spend about an hour and 30 minutes to be able to take time to rest at the stops and take beautiful pictures.


In Hoi An, there are many motorbike rental places that you can choose, it depends on your needs. If you want to travel freely and have a lot of luggage then you should rent a motorbike to feel more comfortable. If you do not go too long, you can rent a car a day
We have consulted the prices of some stores and it is known that the daily rental price at local stores in Hoi An starts from 80,000 VND (3.50 USD) and 160,000 VND (7 USD) at the companies. Transfer luggage is 40,000 VND (1.70 USD) per day. You can refer to the model and price at Stylemotorbike.
Directions from Hoi An to Hai Van Pass

At the starting point of Hai Van pass from Hoi An, the road is relatively simple when you are next to the beach until you go down the hill. A bit more complicated is going through Da Nang. The proposed route takes more time than the direct route, but it is more interesting and more comfortable to follow because it avoids going straight through the centre of Danang.
From Hoi An, drive up the main road (Hai Ba Trung) toward An Bang beach and turns left at the last traffic light. Stay on the coastal road for the next 20 km until you arrive at a large roundabout. Turns left here and continue straight through the next two roundabouts until you cross the Dragon Bridge.


Turns right first at the other end of the bridge to cross the road. Continue on this road for about 2km then come to a fork. Then go straight through the roundabout. At the end of the road, turns left to stay on the road next to the beach. It will rotate to the left and connect to the main road. At the main road turns right and go straight on this road you will come to the starting point of the pass.
The best stop on Hai Van Pass
The Old French Bunker
The main observation point is at the old French bunker at the top of Hai Van Pass. There are several restaurants here, which is where all tourist buses stop so you'll see lots of tourists. From here you can look to the north and south to see many beautiful scenes.
Nothing can hinder your mind. Everything can be seen ki not here. However, you need to pay attention to traffic, especially trucks to keep yourself safe. The best places on the road to stop are sharp corners and bends that give you unobstructed visibility. Specifically here, it's the last big angle before the summit.


On the other side, a great view of the ocean can be found here. One of the best points is here, just before you cross the train tracks at the end of the pass. From this point, you overlook the water to Lang Co, where you can see the new beach, town and bridge leading to the Hai Van Tunnel.
If you are not confident in your steering, please consult another means.
Jeep tour of Hai Van Pass
Jeeps can carry three or four passengers, so this is a great option for groups or families. Most jeeps can be opened. So you can still enjoy the wind on your hair without having to ride a motorbike.
Bus ride of Hai Van Pass
The only way to take a bus tour through Hai Van Pass is if you travel to Hue. All buses passing Hai Van Pass will stop at the top for you to go out and take pictures. Taking a bus is undoubtedly the cheapest way to get to Hue. However, you do not get the same experience as taking a jeep or motorbike tour.
Passing the Hai Van Pass is always a great choice. If you love exploration, adventure and you believe in your ability to drive, you can use a motorbike. But if you're still not confident but don't want to miss this wonderful trip, you can book a tour and enjoy it gently.
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