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Haynes, FINALLY made the manual in print!!!

Wanted to wait until I had it in my hands to believe it.

Got it yesterday!!!

For $26.95 - Delivered, you get:

1 - Haynes Repair Manual # 38001
1 - Automotive Tools Manual
1 - Pair of Mechanix Wear Nitrile Utility Work Gloves (a little tight)

Haven't even opened the manual yet.

Just glad to have it.

Thought everybody would like to know.


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Repost/ cross threading. This is the bomb info you all are looking for:

Thought I would dig this old post up for the newbies and DIYers around here. This is and exceptionally detailed manual for you to have as a resource.

My previous posts to this thread:
OMG! At first I was a doubter! Now I am a believer! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! I just downloaded it and it is ALL there down to the very last nut and bolt!
Yeah, I think I waited 10-15 minutes. But 454MB @ 5MBps = 90.8Sec (1 min.:30 sec.) If I had been the only one on the internet, should have only taken a minute and a half? If I have done my math correctly.
You may also want to check out parts diagrams from:
http://parts.tonkin.com/RenderScriptTemplate.epc?_cmd=epccat_VehicleOEC&mode=SPL&yearid=&[email protected]@BUICK

break down of all the parts and if you wanted to compare prices here, too.
http://www.newgmparts.com/parts/2008/BUICK/ENCLAVE/CXL/?siteid=213815&vehicleid=1438344&section=BODY HARDWARE&group=&subgroup=&component=&diagram=viewAll
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