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Do the headrest DVDs play only through their headsets? Is it somehow wired into the surround sound speakers? Does it use the (terrible) FM modulator?[/color]
this question is from the acadia forum also.

this is an testimony about the product from a member of the acadia forum. the link to the site is at the end of this testimony.[/color]

I had this headrest system (very nice) in my Maxima before I traded for the Acadia. I have since sold it to my brother-in-law. The model I owned was the Revolution II. Each headrest (monitor A & B) can play its own DVD/CD/MP3 or you can watch the same movie on both monitors. Monitor A only, allows the movie to be played on both monitors and the vehicle speakers via a wireless FM modulator.

Very easy to install, I did my own installation using the 12V outlet adapter. You can either hardwire it to the vehicle power, ground and accessory power wire or use the supplied 12V outlet adapter and ground the system.

Advantage - System powers on and off like other accessories in vehicle.
Disadvantage - If you do it yourself, increased installation time and requires you to connect to the power, ground and accessory power wire.

12V adapter
Adavantage - Self install, allows for quicker installation that even the novice person can do.
Disadvantage - If you play a dvd/cd/mp3 with the key in the ACC position and you turn the key to start the vehicle, you will lose power to the video system and have to press the power button again to turn on the video system.

One other note, the headrest has a 3 position tilt which did not provide adequate support. The Nissan headrest I removed provided more than adequate support. The monitors also tilt to adjust the viewing angle.

Here is a link to the manufacturer website:http://www.invisionindustries.com/[/color]

p.s i borrowered this from the acadia forum ;D[/color]
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i sent an email to my dealer to see if they used this company and they gave me the name of the company they use. however, i found the website for the company they use and i sent him an email back to let him know that i didnt want to use his company because the products looked cheap and they didnt have the particular item that i wanted. im still waiting on an answer. i remember going to another dealership and they showed me the product and i am sure it came from invision industries. does anyone know if invision industries is the dealer installed company that buick uses?
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