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How does the iPod connect???

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I was wondering how the iPod connected into the Enclave. Does it connect via the Headphone jack of the iPod or is there and actual connection to the bottom "port" of the iPod/

Either way does the Enclave come with an iPod "cable" or do I need to buy one seperately?

Of note... I was at Best Buy this weekend and they sell an adapter that connects to your iPod (video) and the movies can play on the DVD system. Has anyone else come across anything similar?
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Right now, it connects from the headphone port to the AUX connector on the head unit by a minijack to minijack audio cable. The PAL (Personal Audio Link) connector should be available later this year, which connects to the bottom of the iPod via the 30-pin dock connector. The PAL will output audio and charge the iPod at the same time.

The cable I currently have to output video (and audio) to the DVD unit in our Montana is the Apple iPod AV cable:
It's pricey if you buy the official Apple one, but it came with the AV Connection Kit I got for my iPod so I just use it in the car. You can use a similar no-name cable like if one came with your camcorder or something, but you have to switch the Red and Yellow connectors on the no-name (Apple does this so you have to buy their cable).

If you use the iPod to head unit or iPod to RCA input method, you have to turn the Volume Limit off if you set one (you can find it in the Settings menu of the iPod) and turn the iPod output all the way up, and you may have to turn the head unit volume up as well to get a decent sound level.

Hope this helps! :thumb:
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The PAL mentioned above and the "iPod pick" from www.coastaletech.com (available now) should both provide charging of the iPod when connected, and control through the vehicle's factory electronics (meaning control from steering wheel buttons, and factory radio controls - including nav touchscreen if you have one).
Here is a question - if you have the radio adapter on the iPod, will that play thru the PAL? I don't know why you would need to when you already have an FM receiver but just wondering.
The PAL and coastaletech iPod picks mentioned above give you control of your iPod using the factory controls (steering wheel buttons, nav touch screen for easy menu navigation, display on the factory radio, etc.).

Using the aux input, or using an FM modulator, gets the sound to the vehicle but 1) doesn't charge the iPod, 2) doesn't integrate control (making scrolling through menus on your iPod while driving more dangerous than dialing a number on your cellphone), and 3) may have inferior sound quality and/or volume level matching. If you use an mp3 player other than the iPod it may be your only option though.
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