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How strong is the A/C?

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Summers in Vegas can be brutal with temps regularly over 105 :angryfire: Just wondering how well the a/c appears to be working for those of ou in a hot climate.
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I was in Vegas last year and had a wonderful time. You're right, It's almost unbearable, however, I believe the Lambdas will deliver. I saw one with all the outlets blowing and I was impressed.
I know GM has the technology. We had a 2003 Yukon XL Denali with front and rear air up until recently. The A/C in that rig rocked - it could cool down that cavernous, many windowed interior right now and keep it nice it the hottest weather. Best A/C in a vehicle I've ever had.
had the enclave for a couple of days now .
i live just outside of philly and it hit hi 80s and the air works
incredible .I'm an air junkie and i actually had to turn it down after 2minutes
it's very powerful throughout the whole vehicle
That's good to know. We've been in the high 80's all week and I know July and August will be worse.
im just greatful for the tri zone climate control cause i freeze my kids out in our volvo... they usually both sit in the back and there is no climate adjust back there heheheheh... they keep a blanket in the car. sunshine, rain, sleet or snow my a/c in running.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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