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How to use the Gallery

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The Gallery is, by far, a much better place to post photos than this Board. This simply existed before the gallery was in place for a quick and dirty way to post pics. Posting in the Gallery makes it much easier to find pics, view slideshows, comments on the photos, etc. And your personal gallery is tied directly to your account and can be viewed by clicking the camera icon next to each of your posts, as well as from your profile.

So to use the Gallery:

1) At the top of every page is a navigation bar, just below the News, containing several buttons: Home, Help, Search, Profile, Gallery, etc. Click on "gallery".

2) The very first time you go to the gallery, you'll be prompted for a password - this is the same password you use to login to your forum account. After the first time, you'll no longer be prompted for your password, as it ties you gallery access to your forum access. Then you'll be taken to the Gallery main page, showing all current albums.

3) In the top right corner (straight across from the bright orange "gallery" logo), there's a tiny link called "Your Album" - click on this link. Doing this for the first time will create your personal gallery. It will then show up on the main gallery page, and you'll have the little camera icon beside your posts that links directly to it.

4) Once you are in Your Gallery, you'll have several links down the left side nav panel, such as "Add Album" which lets you create sub-albums within your gallery, "add comments", "add items" to add new images to your gallery. To add your first photo, click "add items"

5) You'll now see a panel open across the top with several tabs on it - these are the various ways you can add items to your gallery. You can look at each one, but the two you'll use most often are the ones on each end:
a) From Web Browser - quickest way to add one or two images from your PC
b) Upload Applet - This takes 30-45 seconds to start (Java Applet), but it's a very quick and easy way to upload lots of pics at once. Just keep in mind that you can only upload 8MB at a time, and no single photo can be bigger than 2MB (server limits).

Please let me know if you have any questions or problems. Thanks!
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I am new to the forum and tried to enter the gallery. Doing so I was asked for my password which I entered and clicked on continue. But keep getting an error screen. Could you tell me what if anything I am doing wrong or is their a problem with the gallery. Thank you
I've been getting the same error message for a week or so. I wonder if it has something to do when the servers were updated.

Thank you for your reply Guess I will just have to keep trying at times. This is a very informative site .Just purchased my first E and so far it has been a dream.
The gallery is not working at this time.

Here is the previous thread where this was discussed.

Hopefully, the gallery will be up and running again soon. I presume that the recent server upgrade had some ramifications that have been tricky to resolve.
***The forum's gallery has been non-functional and unavailable since the issue arose in June 2011. It will not be repaired, so any photos need to be attached while posting within a thread. I hope that this prevents any confusion for new members.***[/color]
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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