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I got lucky!!!!!

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;) O.k. that sounded better in my head. We picked up our new Enclave on Saturday right out of the showroom! It was the only one around that was fully loaded - even came with some things we weren't originally going to order. We were about to place an order for one and the dealer threw this advertising fee at us that he had never mentioned before so we called around to see if that was normal for our area and found that it wasn't. After a few calls - actually trying to locate another Enclave- most dealerships either sold the ONE they had or hadn't even gotten one in yet, we found one about 40 minutes from us, BUT it was not the color I wanted. That was about 5:00 p.m. My husband and I looked at each other and said, "wanna at least go and take a look?" The dealership closed at 6. We piled everyone in the car (us and 2 kids) and raced down there arriving 10 minutes before closing. It was white opal with ebony, and after one look I was surprised how much I really liked it. (Of Course, that red is pretty sweet, but 4 months is a long time for me to wait for a car.) By 8:00 we were the proud owners of a new fully loaded Enclave. :woot: Just had to wait a couple of days for the step assists to be ordered and they were put on on Tuesday. Those look great and my kids are grateful that they no longer have to scale Mt. Enclave to get in the car. We laughed when we go home because we didn't even have the trade with us. They almost made us take the Enclave and told us to bring in the trade when we got a chance. They were happy to move it so they could order 2 more, one of which is already sold. My husband is happy because he got to get rid of his 97 Carrolla and take my 03 Aztek - which aside from being one of the ugliest cars ever built is extremely comfortable. I will miss my HUD, and after I get used to driving a much bigger car AND stop being so nervous driving the new car it will be wonderful!

I'll try to post some pics soon!
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Congratulations. I personally love the ebony interior.
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