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I-pass EZ-pass transponders

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Have any Enclave owners installed/use these Tollway transponders? I'd rather not stick mine on the dark mesh behind the rear-view mirror as those
stickers really stick & removing them might damage the mesh. I've read in the Acadia forum that some people have been able to just leave the transponder in the dash/glove compartment & the tolls register just fine. I would assume it would work in the Enclave but you know what happens when you assume!! I travel into the Chicago area infrequently so I can't test this immediately.
Anybody? Here's the link to the Acadia topic about this:


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I have an Acadia and I placed mine just below the black mesh part directly behind the rearview mirror. I wouldn't be too comfortable stowing it in the glovebox. Prior to getting a second set of velcro pads, I had left it up on top of the dash at the windshield on my wife's car occassionally. That worked fine but I hated how it slid all over the place if I didn't feel like putting it away right away. Better safe than sorry as the tolls are pricey enough if you pay them the first time. A few missed tolls can sure add up in penalty fees.

I put mine below the mesh and behind the rear view mirror, I dont even see the tag behind the mirror!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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