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Many years ago, I thought Rain-X was wonderful. It shed the rain from my windshield so I hardly had to use my wipers. Which was a good thing, because (I believe) it ate up the rubber wiper blades. So as long as I didn't have to actually use the wipers, it was great. But I disliked having to replace the blades after a few weeks of Rain-X use!

Now, fast forward 20+ years... A couple of weeks ago, my windshield was covered with a thin smeary film that made it difficult to see on a rainy night. So, I stopped at the local Wal-Mart to see what was available to clear my vision. After a long several minutes of perusing products, reading labels, trying to sort out ridiculous claims from some truth, and throwing darts blindfolded at the shelf, I bought my first Rain-X product in two decades. It is a windshield cleaner, promising to clear all greasy film from my line of sight, and to shed further rains.

Before I climbed back into my 'Clave, I applied the spray to the greasy, filmy windshield. By the time I arrived at home, the results were remarkable! I could see with hitherto unattainable clarity. It was a Wow moment.

Well, here I am 10 days later... My wipers now leave not only a film, but water droplets - no, water smears - all over the windshield. I have even cleaned the wiper blades to remove any road grease (yup, I used the Rain-X on a paper towel to clean the blades - stupid!). Now, it is impossible to see out day or night if there is any rain at all. I hate Rain-X!
I have never liked rain x & believe it damages the wiper blades! I cleaned it off with pure vinegar yesterday. I was in a rush, bought it but accident for washer fluid that wouldn’t freeze, will be cleaning it off very often until it’s empty. Getting in a hurry never helps🤪
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