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Re: Re: I (still) hate Rain-X

Those of you with Rain-x issues must be mixing it with something else to get smearing (Incompatible washer fluid? Sticky smog?)
I've used it on every car I've owned, and it's fantastic. I do wonder if it has changed over the years though, as I used to get a full 6 months from each application, and now I seem to get 2-3. I also use Rain-X wiper blades and washer fluid. The wiper blades make a slight difference, but I swear by the fluid. Especially the bug version. Gets rid of bugs better than anything else I've used.

As for tiny beads making it hard to see... The point is that the space BETWEEN the beads is not distorted. Without the Rain-X, EVERYTHING is distorted.

Gonna have to try this Aquapel stuff. Longer lasting is definitely better!
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