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Interior Question

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On the Acadia one of the few things I do not like for some reason is the overhead console that has the lights, sunroof switches, etc. I think it looks like 1980 vintage GM's. When I saw the Enclave at the autoshow I did not pay attention to this area of the vehicle, and I can not find any photos that show this area on the Enclave in any great detail. There are some pictures in the gallery that show a glimpse of this area, but nothing definitive.

Does anyone know if this area of the Enclave is the same as the Acadia, or does anyone have decent photos of this area?

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They are the same, I am not sure I agree that it's 1980's vintage
I'm totally happy with the overhead console in our Acadia, expect for the possible omission of a sunglasses holder.
Thanks. That's the info I was looking for.
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