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July Orders and TPD

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Just thought I would post that we placed an order for a white diamond tri-color enclave on July 14.
Stopped into the dealer tonight to find out the status. They checked on-line while we waited and they have a
TPD (tenative production date ) of August 27 with an approximate delivery date of second week of September.
So that would be approximately 9 weeks from order to delivery. I feel pretty good about this after hearing about how long some of you have had to wait just to get an "order accepted" status. We shall see what happens. Also the dealer said that they have placed (5) more new orders for enclaves since ours. They also have (5) enclaves on the lot that were used for the John Deere Classic a couple of weeks ago. Have seen (2) enclaves on the road this weekend.

White diamond tri-color
8 seats
Entertainment package 3
luxury pkg
convenient pkg
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That sounds good to me Sunny. Good Luck. 8)
No delay then, on the Luxury Package, Sunny? My dealer keeps telling me it'll be 6 to 8 weeks, once I order. I don't think so, from what I am reading here. :eek:hno:

Would you mind telling what your giving for your Enclave. You've order the same vehicle I'm interested in.
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