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Just Posted Pix of NEW Enclave

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Check the gallery. I uploaded 2 pix (dial-up is the PITS!). Will post more later -- but have to run my daughter somewhere -- in my NEW ENCLAVE. (Really, first time in a long time I am looking for reasons to run errands. I'm sick!)

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NO, experiencing this is perfectly normal, just as long as you find time to answer all of our questions.. We used to have dial-up, my mom was seriously ready to throw our computer out the window!!
kenclave said:
Check the gallery. I uploaded 2 pix (dial-up is the PITS!). Will post more later -- but have to run my daughter somewhere -- in my NEW ENCLAVE. (Really, first time in a long time I am looking for reasons to run errands. I'm sick!)

Congrats on the purchase.. Did you get the 7 or 8 passenger seating? Any pics of the bacxk seats??
It is 7.. I set the first picture as my background on my computer!!!
Just curious - with the ebony interior, are the pillars (vertical supports between seats and ceiling) light colored or ebony? I know one thing a few folks disliked about the carbon metallic Acadia was that they did not change the color of those side pillars and headliner (or at least I remember a few complaints - obviously many are fine with it too). I was just curious whether they went with more of a true all dark interior with the Enclave or not - I could not tell for sure from your first interior photo and have not seen any Enclave ebony interior pics elsewhere....
Beautiful! I scour the web looking for info on the three lambdas, and you may very well have posted the first personally owned Enclave on the entire internet!! Congrats again, and thanks so much for sharing your pics, even on dial-up! That's dedication ;)
THe side pillars and roof are are lught grey. Although it's funny, I didn't even notice. When you posted the question I had to go out to the garage and look. I think I actually like it better with the lighter ceiling -- all Ebony would have made it a very dark cabin for me.
Kenclave, Congrats. I'm sure you're enjoying it. How do you like the Hid Headlight ?? Do you have the articulating type ? That is a "must have " for me. Evidently, GM is starting to deliver now. A couple of weeks ago, no one had the Enclave. Look what has happened in the last 3 or 4 days. Great !! For what I want, I'll be waiting for awhile. Anyway, enjoy it. :blob:
Kenclave, I am also interested in the Blue gold crystal color for the Enclave. I have the Enclave brochure. The color sample in the brochure doesn't look blue or gold, but pewter -- maybe a slightly warm pewter. What does it look like on the car? (I saw your pictures but I can't really tell.)
RE: articulating headlights. Yes, I have them. And I live in a rural area with dark curvy roads. I do notice them move, but quite honestly, at this point I don't know that I would insist on having them again. They may make a small difference, but I don't think anything earth-shattering. I do notice that the Hid headlights are much brighter though. That is a nice improvement.

The blue gold metallic is a tricky color to explain. In some lights it looks blue, in others, it does indeed look pewter. It also depends on the angle you look at the car. As well as the distance you are from the car (father away -- it seems to look more grey). I would say if you really want a noticably blue car, I would doubt this is the color for you. I like it though. It doesn't show dust much -- which is good (again because we live in a rural area). I have always loved black cars -- but it is just too dusty here to have one. I'd be washing it every day, and I do not have the time!

I have seen the Enclave in real life in the red and in the opal white (I think it is called -- it's a slightly off white). I thought the red was VERY sharp. I would say that it would have been a second choice for me.

I do really like the ebony interior with the blue gold. Originally I was leaning toward the grey (I forget the name color). But I think the contrast of the blue gold with the dark interior is very sharp. The wood tones on the dash, I believe, also really look rich with the ebony interior. Down side to the ebony -- shows dust/dirt quickly.

Just filled up the tank for the first time. Averaged 17 mpg. -- but that's a lot of "playing" with the new car, so I am thinking that it might improve slightly.

Hoping this helps all of you who are looking. I am still enjoying it and will celebrate one week with in on Thursday.
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Kenclave, Thanks for the comments on the Hid headlights. Also 17 mpg doesn't sound too bad for combination driving. Anything is better than my Sierra Denali, but I love that Truck. I wish you the best with your Enclave. :blob:
Congratulations Kenclave! Awesome. I'm partial to the look of the Acadia over the Enclave, but you are going to love it. And, IMO, ebony interior is the only way to go.
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