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I just stop by my local buick dealer this morning (Peoria,IL). Somehow they have one in front of the door (lucky me). The sale man told me that they just got it yesterday so he ask me to test drive it.
The car look very sharp (CXL, FWD, red jewel), material are not the top notch but definitely above average (not the wood trim on the dashboard), leather seat is very comfortable.
The ride is very smooth and car like driving, still can hear the engine groan when step on the gas but highway speed the car is really a library quieted, the car absorb over the bump is exellence, hardly notice it.
Then I go to over the Lexus dealer to test drive the new ES 350. Lexus also very quieted inside the carbin but not absorb the road bumb very good like the Enclave.
I am looking for a new car for my wife and I try to convince her to get the Enclave ( I like the buick ride better) but she afraid of the resale value. By the way, I can order a new Enclave with supplier pricing + $1000 conquest rebate + $500 farm bureau credit.
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