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Lamda Car rental?

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In another post someone mentioned that Acadias are being used for car rentals. Does anyone know which agencies are using them?
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I mentioned it. Search over at acadiaforum.net and there should be a couple of threads about it.

One was: Going to Illinois for a week and i Rented an Acadia
Another was: Alamo Renting Acadia's
i rented the acadia from alamo and they gave me a pacifica which was the worst car i had ever rented.
I rented an Acadia from National. See my post on www.acadiaforums.net. Nice ride, leather, DVD, power liftgate. National in Denver had 1 Acadia left and multiple Outlooks. No Enclaves. But with National it's every man for himself when the shuttle bus doors open.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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