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LED Reverse Lights

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Just bought a pair of LED reverse lights for my moms 2018 Buick Enclave Premium. The first was a pair I got off Amazon for about $16 CAD. I thought I did something wrong and was going crazy when the reverse lights would stay on dimly lit and the reverse camera would stay on regardless of the gear. I found out this is a common issue with GM products when they are installed without a resistor. I ended up just putting the regular yellow halogen bulbs back and went and bout another (more expensive) pair for about $35 CAD and they just arrived today. I put them in and I got the same issue, which is frustrating because on the Amazon listing it said “CANBUS ERROR FREE” and attached was a review of a GMC Sierra with the LED reverse lights in with no issue (I don’t know if they used resistors or not), my main issue is: How do I fix it? I know there is a solution with resistors and everything but I really don’t know or have the tools for adding them, soddering, and frankly I don’t fee comfortable splicing wires on a vehicle that isn’t mine. Is there another solution? Or a bulb that I can be assured has resistors built in for plug and play? I really don’t know at this point and I don’t want to buy another bulb without FOR SURE knowing it works.
If you are going to send me an Amazon listing, please make sure it is in Amazon CANADA. Thank you
(The Sirius LED bulbs are the ones for $16, I do realize that it does say CANBUS right on the package and it is my fault for purchasing them, but the more expensive AUXITO $35 claimed they were “plug and play”)

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