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Can someone please[/color] post a new thread that includes a consolidated list of all the discounts, offers and deals that are available for the Enclave. I keep seeing references to Conquest (see thread below) and some Chrome Discount Package. While the Conquest data is below, the Chrome seems to be a bit of a mystery. It would be nice to have a consolidated list of all the "deals" on one thread. Furthermore if that wonderful person who creates the list could keep it updated on a monthly basis...that would be A-W-E-S-O-M-E...

Deals that initially come to mind:

GM Supplier Discount
Cost CO Program
GM Dollars...

Finally, if anyone knows how to get around those darn advertising expenses...please share that data in the thread....

Thanks in advance to whoever accepts the challenge. I'd do it but I'm not familiar with 50% of the programs.


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