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Locate a Enclave on Buick.com

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Buick's "Locate a Vehicle" service is working for the Enclave now. I found at least 25 of each type in my zip code.

No crimson or black colors yet.


Good luck!

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Be cautious as the VIN numbers for the FWD and the AWD's are the same (at least they were ont he 4 I looked @) so you don't know what they have! ??? The Saturn website was like this for awhile when it first started up and then it started showing the correct information for the Outlook. Word to the wise - Call before you go if you want the specifics.
You have to click on the "Window Sticker" to see what the actual model is.
Also, is there a way to increase the selection to more than 25? That is the current limit.
I drove to my closest dealer to see the one listed, but it is still in the build mode.

sunshadw said:
Also, is there a way to increase the selection to more than 25? That is the current limit.

In the URL change the "maximumCount=" to whatever value you want. The same can be done for other variables such as search distance, etc.
Neat trick! It would only go up to 50 for a max count for me though.

I did a quick survey of the CXL AWD colors available around my zip in Maryland:

Red Jewel 10
Platinum 9
Cocoa 8
Blue Gold 7
Gold Mist 5
White Diamond 4
White Opal 4
Ming Blue 3

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The model/style (e.g. CXL AWD) sort isn't working. To see if it's really AWD or not, you have look at the window sticker. I've searched a dozen or so metro areas and have yet to see a AWD anywhere.

I was hoping to jump on a cheap flight to pick one up from somewhere with them on the lot (so I wouldn't have to wait to order -- make the wife happy that way!), but I'm not seeing them anywhere -- just a bunch of fwd models.
the red jewel was the most repeated one here too.
good, then you know what colors not to get hehehehehe.
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