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I have done some checking on interest rates for New Auto Loans as I am buying my Enclave. Here are the locations that seems to offer the best deals at the moment.

http://www.capitalone.com/autoloans/index.php (Ask for the AAA, Costco Discounts)
(Costco GoldStar Discount = .25% off rate)
(Costco GoldStar Discount = .35% off rate)

https://www.eloan.com/s/show/auto?context=auto (Ask for the SAMS Club Discount)
(Sams Advantage Club = .3% off rate)
(Sams Advantage PLUS= .4% off rate)

http://www.roadloans.com/loans/content/rl/index.jsp (Free cell phone or XM Satelite Reciever)

http://www.lendingtree.com (Multiple quotes from Various Lenders)

https://secure.lendingtree.com/stm3/lenders/scorecard.asp (Lending Tree Lender Score Card)

Most of these lenders will issue you a package once approved with a blank check worth up to your approved loan amount. You take the check with you to go shopping, write in the actual amount and give it to the dealer to close the deal. Your loan will only be for the amount written on the check. So if you are not absolutely sure of the final price, pad it a little to give yourself to some room to work with. You can always write the check for less but not for more than your approved amount.

I do not personally endorse any of these lenders. You should shop around for the best rate based on your credit score. This is only a list to help you in finding a lender with a lower interest rate than what GM is offering.

Don't forget to check with your local banks, credit unions, and such. You can also look at home equity loans to pay for the purchase but be carefull.

Also the credit agencies will consolidate 14 days worth of credit checks by lenders into a single incident on your credit report. Applying to too many lenders over a period of time will affect your credit score. So if you are shopping do it all in a short (less than 14 day) period to avoid multiple hits to your score.

Warning ... Disclaimers Ahead

"The information contained in this post is not an offer to provide any lending or loan services. It is only a collection of publicly available information gathered and presented here for informational purposes only."
"I do not provide, endorse, nor guarantee and i am not liable for third party products, services, educational tools, or other information available through this post."

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There are several credit unions in Ohio that are offering 5.99% and 6.00%for up to 72 months with a credit score of 720+

Universal 1 credit union and Wright-Patt credit union are two of them. Right now, credit unions seem to be offering lower rates than banks. I've check with my bank (Chase) and their rates are much higher and they have a lot more tiers. The credit union is above 720, below 720 and not approved.

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For those that are members of American Airlines Credit Union, they seem to offer the best rate in the DFW Area. Its 5.74% for up to 60 months if you put 10% down, on top they give a .25% discount if you have direct deposit, thus actual rate is 5.49%.
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