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More towing

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Took a 3 hour drive over to OH yesterday and picked up my daughters first car. And yes, I’m aware I pushed the towing limits on this one since uhaul lists their auto transporter at 2200lbs (which I’m almost certain is a lot more than it actually weighs) and Subaru lists this Impreza at almost 3200. 72mph with the cruise on and the empty trailer 3 hours there. Would have gone faster but the trailer got a pretty good vibration above that (likely unbalanced tires). 65mph for the slightly over 3 hours home. Trans in manual mode, tow haul mode, gear selector set to 5 so it would shift like normal 1-5 but never grab 6. 2150 RPM at 65 and only needed to downshift to 4th for big hills. As usual found it better the manually drop to 4th at the bottom of the hill and maintain speed than wait for the cruise to lose 3mph then have the trans initiate the kick down and fight to make those 3mph back while going uphill. Enclave was perfect, averaged 17.3mpg on the loaded return trip. Wouldn’t try it in the mountains but for flat northeast OH to WNY it was no problem.
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17 mpg while towing that trailer with car is very good mileage. The Subaru looks nice. What year is it?
2012, 90k. Thing is super mint though. Got it for a steal too. If you know Subarus you know how well they hold their value, especially 2012+ when they mostly resolved their head gasket issues.

The 17mpg is why I’m pretty sure that trailer is nowhere near 2200lbs. I don’t get 17mpg towing my boat and that’s definitely under 5k sitting on it’s aluminum trailer.
I LOVE that it's the same color as your Enclave!
I LOVE that it's the same color as your Enclave!
That was completely by chance but I did wonder how many people that saw me towing it went, "Wow, that guy really likes dark red". :)
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They do go well together, and they both look mint. You're worse than I am, Jay. :ROFLMAO:
Some folks cant get 17 mpg with empty car. You did great.
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