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This may fall into the category of too much information is a bad thing, but I recently ran an OBDII diagnostic report on my 2011 Buick Enclave (113,XXX miles)...I did not have any check engine lights, but wanted to see what it had to say.

What I found was kind of interesting...It was showing that I had a "small" number of misfires over the last 10 driving cycles in cylinder #1 (1 misfire), #3 (5 misfires), #5 (6 misfires), and #6 (1 misfire). For the more visual, I have attached the image of the report that was generated, including the data from the last drive, which is even a little worse, on some cylinders.

Since cylinders 1/3/5 were the largest offenders, I thought there might be an overall issue with Bank 1, so I changed my upstream oxygen sensor on that side...This didn't seem to make a difference.

In my searching, I saw that @rbarrios had a similar issue with misfires that were low enough in number not to trigger a check engine light. His solution was a "top end clean" to remove the carbon from the intake valves with CRC Intake Valve Cleaner though the throttle body...This is my plan of action for this evening.

I am optimistic that this will work, but wanted to throw it out to the collective wisdom of the group...Before you say spark plugs, I replaced those a few months ago with OEM's...I was also thinking coils, but with a small number of misfires spread across a number of cylinders, I thought it might be something more "systemic", hence the carbon clean.

I will report back with the results of the clean, but other thoughts are always welcomed!


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