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Negative Enclave Review

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I think this person woke up on the wrong side of the bed when she wrote this article. Plus, she can't even get her facts correct as she compares the fuel economy of an Enclave (with the new '08 ratings) against the MDX and CX-9 with their '07 ratings.

By Megan Benoit
May 23, 2007

When better cars are built, Buick will build them. Meanwhile, they’re building CUV’s. Huh? An automotive brand whose lack of identity has kept it on life support for well over a decade wants a piece of a vehicular genre that’s a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and nothing in particular. GM’s willingness– make that “eagerness”– to throw Buick a CUV-shaped, badge-engineered bone demonstrates the corporate mothership’s abject and ongoing inability to devise a coherent plan to resuscitate its “damaged” (i.e. terminal) Buick brand. What is it with these guys?

Anyway, calling a vehicle of the Enclave’s epic dimensions a crossover forces us to expand the genre’s definition from “cute ute” to “the ******* child of a minivan and a full-sized SUV.” That said, Buick's CUV on steroids is a surprisingly graceful design. Well-judged chrome accents abound, from the door trim to the blinged-out wheels. The premium paint job is worth the extra cash; a pearl-coated Enclave’s spizzarkle will make Cadillac owners scowl into their prune juice.

The purpose of these porky proportions lies within. Much like Danielewski’s house of blue, the Enclave is bigger on the inside than on the outside. Sliding second row seats can provide as much or as little rear space as needed, depending on the degree of family bonding desired. Optional middle-row bench seats up the capacity to eight, for maximum character building. And accoutrements abound, giving backseat drivers their choices of entertainment and environmental controls.

Though I applaud GM’s brave decision to hire the blind to color-match the Enclave’s interior, the model’s beige leather, floor and ceiling clash with the charcoal gray door trim; which is irritatingly beset with medium-shaded wood accents. The plastics are alternately hard and soft– softer where contact is inevitable and harder where only masochists dare to tread (especially after initial, revulsion-inducing contact).

Brushed metal trim on the door handles add (ADD?) to the boggle factor. The dash provides a similar lack of coherence; chrome strips and an analog clock top off the WTF factor. Wood also makes a guest appearance on the steering wheel, playing the role of the suave but untrustworthy stranger. Note to Buick: wood or metal, pick a side.

The number of dashboard controls never reaches the sheer distraction level of an MDX, but it’s not for lack of trying. After a brief tussle with the Enclave’s electronic seating controls, during which the memory function attempted to crush my kneecaps, we were on the road.

After driving a selection of super-sized SUVs, I squared off for battle with yon steering wheel, only to find it surprisingly light and responsive. The closet enthusiast may be disgusted by the lack of road feel and steering feedback, but then, they’re not likely to purchase something of these epic proportions. The average luxobarge driver will appreciate the Enclave's easy, quick steering and wonderfully cushy suspension.

In fact, you can easily forget you’re piloting a 2.5 ton vehicle– until you attempt brisk acceleration. With its V6 kicking-out 275hp and 251 ft.-lbs. of torque, the Enclave literally lags behind its natural rivals. Zero to sixty takes 8.4 seconds; the Acura MDX gets the job done in 7.2 and the Mazda CX-9 arrives in 7.5.

The Enclave’s six-speed automatic transmission is a step ahead of standard GM fare, but the gearbox serves-up early upshifts and late downshifts, with a heavy side of throttle lag. You can take matters into your own hands with shift lever-mounted buttons, but chances are you won’t.

The Enclave comes complete with airbags for all and the usual alphabet stew of safety equipment: ABS, TPMS, ESC and Anti-Rollover Logic (if your common sense fails). Nav-equipped vehicles offer a rear view camera, a handy option in a car with this much bounteous booty.

The $33k-ish (and up) front wheel-drive Enclave offers a considerable amount of value for driver who can appreciate the subtle luxuries within. Actually, “near luxury” pretty much nails it. For significantly less money than its foreign luxury competitors, you can buy a Buick Enclave and pretend you’re driving a mid- to large-sized luxury SUV– only without the handling, performance or reputation.

Alternatively, for a few thousand dollars less, you can buy either one of the Enclave’s non-identical twins: the Saturn Outlook or GMC Acadia. Or wait for the Chevy version. Or just wonder why GM builds better Buicks in China, and then sells four versions of the same CUV in America, reserving the best looking one for their doomed division, without giving it a proper V8 to distinguish it from its automotive homonyms.

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I think you're right. And if she did not wake up on the wrong side of the bed, then she just needs to go back to bed and get up tomorrow and try again!!!! :banghead:

Glad she isn't my wife....doubt anything makes her happy!!!! :eek:hno:
JRacer said:
I think you're right. And if she did not wake up on the wrong side of the bed, then she just needs to go back to bed and get up tomorrow and try again!!!! :banghead:

Glad she isn't my wife....doubt anything makes her happy!!!! :eek:hno:
lol ??? she's surely not a gm lover at all.
Is it cold in here or is it just her? Excellent use of made up words. Love the cute ute and the spizzarkle.
I love the WTF Factor part.
in reading this post again. i don't know what car she is talking about... "beidge leather, floor and ceiling clash w/charcol gray door trim" what car is that on? and what type of professional would use the "WTF factor" to describe anything in a review? she needs more than another nap she needs to be taken off the review board. This entire write is clearly unprofessional.
I went to this site and this is what I posted.

May 24th, 2007 at 10:51 pm Edit This

Clearly you are writing about a car of which you have not seen. Had you seen it you would have known that the interior is Cashmere w/cocoa accents not the beidge and charcol grey that you so wrongly wrote about in you review. Not to mention that this review is clearly unprofessional. What professional would use the term “WTF Factor” in a so called professional review. So, go drive the Enclave so you can give a real professional review. This platform from GM is exactly what some consumers have been looking for. You cannot respectfully compare the Enclave to the MDX or the CX9 especially since the only adult that can fit in their 3rd row is a 4 foot dwarf and a 6ft adult can comfortably fit in the 3rd row of an Enclave. The MDX, Lexus, CX9 or even the Mercedes M-class doesnt look have as good as the Enclave. GM has done an outstanding job and I applaud them wholeheartedly.
Way to go MsS....... :violent: :banana: :clap2:
JRacer said:
Way to go MsS....... :violent: :banana: :clap2:

May 25th, 2007 at 12:26 pm Edit This

TTAC’s posting policy” no flaming the site, its authors or fellow commentators.

You are free to correct misinformation and take exception to opinions, but not launch personal attacks.

Thank you for your understanding.


Name: MsS42 | | IP:

you did not say gray and brown you said beidge, charcol and gray… just get your facts straight. this entire review is just unprofessional. I wouldnt be looking at the B9 Tribeca review because I am not interested in purchasing it. It doesnt meet my needs

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this guy posted this and i thought it was very good and it might help some who are researching the mpg.

May 25th, 2007 at 11:49 am

umterp85, thanks for bringing the truth about fuel economy back to the discussion.

Megan, tell me you weren’t trying to compare the Enclave fuel economy to old data for the Odyssey and MDX?

Here are the revised numbers by the EPA according to the new formulas. (as posted at epa.gov)

Enclave 2wd 16/24 awd 16/22
Odyssey 2wd 16/23 awd n/a
MDX …………..awd 15/20 ($ premuim gas!)
Mazda 9 2wd 16/22 awd 15/21

I think we have a winner. If all you readers are truly objective and appreciate the truth, I trust the new “pig” just got a little prettier.
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jonv112 said:
I love the WTF Factor part.
Yeah, after I read that sentence, I lost all respect for the author and her article. How am I supposed to take someone seriously that talks this way in a professional review?
fenwah said:
Yeah, after I read that sentence, I lost all respect for the author and her article. How am I supposed to take someone seriously that talks this way in a professional review?
yeah, well from the responses i personally received from the publisher i see where the author gets it from. i was banned from the site for posting true information and stating that the author had niether seen nor driven the enclave and it was obvious from the colors that she said the interior was.
I've attempted to correct a few minor missing details from her review in the comments section. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and some people simply won't like the Enclave, no matter how much we may disagree. However, she failed to do enough research to give an accurate description of the vehicle (read my comments on page 12 of that article). Also, she only compares the Enclave head-to-head with the CX-9 and MDX for 0-60 times! Why not compare their fuel ratings? Or their cargo & Passenger capacities? Or their third row room and ease of access? You know, things that might actually matter to most people shopping for a 7/8 passenger people hauler.
Nice job admin. Let's see what she comes back with.
the publisher removed all my posts and cursed me out in a personal message.
I think, she will give Admin one more strike and he will be out too :eek:hno:
The Lambda's, in my opinion are the easiest to access the 3rd row into, using the SmartSlide system. With my Montana with captain chairs, you can't walk in between them because of the overhead rail system because you'll hit your head, as well as the limited space in between the chairs even with the folding console folded makes it hard to walk through. So, you have to tilt one of the chairs forward, then reach under the chair and slide the whole seat forward to access the 3rd row, essentially what the SmartSlide lever would do for me in a fraction of the time.

Nice job admin! You showed her! :thumb:
That writer is clueless. Did she point out that the MDX requires premium gas uh no. Did she mention that the MDX only allows access to the 3rd row on the passenger side and its a job only for a contortionist?... uh no. Did she mention that the 3rd row in the Lamda's are adult capable? uh no. Did she mention that the braking distance of the Lambda's are shorter then a BMW X5?
How much speed do you need in a luxury or near luxury family hauler? If most people base their purchase of a family hauler soley on 0-60 times, they should not be buying a family hauler. Would a 11 second vehicle suffice for me no, but an 8.2 would. She and others just missed the boat on the priorities of people buying these vehicles.
I agree with your assessment. When people start comparing 0-60 times for 2 ton family vehicles, it's almost laughable.
I want something that can jump when I need it to, but primarily I'm interested in a smooth, quiet, sleek ride for hauling the family around. When we upgrade the 2nd car then I'll probably go for a sedan with a little more punch just to have a different feel.
my sentiment exactly netmag. as i posted earlier in the thread i dont think this woman ever even saw an enclave before she wrote that crap. imho she got it all wrong. this is a family vehicle just like you said and its definetly not a drag racer. i figured later i will purchase myself a nice cadillac dts to cruise in but this is for hauling my family and i want them to be comfortable and safe and the lambdas do it for me.
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