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No Roof Cross Rails?

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So, I went back to GM Accesorries (had done it a couple of weeks ago and saw the roof rails) and couldn't find them. I e-mailed them asking about them, and they said they don't carry them yet? What?

I know a couple of you have them, right? I thought you got them through the accesory store?



p.s. edited not to cause more confusion than i already have...
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Re: No Roof Rails?

I purchased mine through the dealer. He installed them before he delivered the vehicle.
Re: No Roof Rails?

Thanks MRBUICK....

I just went back a few posts and found them here at gmpartsdirect - and they are backordered!!! That explains it..I wonder why they just don't tell you that!
Re: No Roof Rails?

Cross rails are what I was referring to.
I just put mine on today. They came from a dealer in Phoenix that I found on ebay. I asked before I put in a bid if he had them on hand because some of the accessory places were showing backorders. He replied that he had them on hand and I received them in less than a week.

Also, if you are installing your own set, BE CAREFUL with the bolts. All 8 bolts are black and tapered and almost the same size. The larger ones that hold the trim on will fit in the wrong holes that hold the cross rails to the side rails. You could probably get the large ones to fit in the small holes with a little pressure. Then you would be short a bolt because the small ones will not hold the trim onto the cross rails.

But the process actually took less than an hour to complete. And they do look good:thumb:
I would like to add one more caveat: Make sure you have the correctly sized cross rails. The longest rail I received fits in the back, which has the shortest distance between the rails, and the shortest cross rail I received is too short to fit in the back at all. I am aware that one side of the cross rail slides in and out a little as you move them forward and back on the car, but the other side is fixed. Looks like I got the rails for the wrong car.

Ironically, when I picked up the cross rails yesterday, the guy who ordered them from me yelled at me whan I did not instantly understand his exact instructions to pay at the cashiers window. He is a cranky old guy, and he mumbles and does not look at you when he speaks. Now I get to go back and yell at him for being an idiot and screwing up my order, right? Oh, yeah, I forgot - I don't treat people that way, so I won't do that. :angel:

Sometimes its tough being a "good guy." ;)
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