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Just brought home our 08 Enclave home from North Dakota. After looking for over a year in Canada with no success we started looking in the US. After speaking with two dealerships in North Dakota, we purchased our new Enclave from:

Travis Kautz
Rydell GM Auto Center
2700 South Washington
Grand Forks, North Dakota

Phone: (701) 772-7211
Toll Free: (800) 228-8285
Fax: (701) 780-1385
Web: www.rydellchev.com

Their prices ranged from average to very good, but the difference was in the service. From the very first handshake, there was no pressure, they took the time to listen and find out what we were looking for, they took notes, asked for clairification when necessary and found the Enclave that was right for us.

My wife and I can't say enough good things about our experience with Travis and Rydell. And the icing on the cake? When it came time to ship our new Buick into Canada, they new exactly what to do and how to do it. From faxing the paper work to the border and making sure all the "i"'s were dotted and the "t"'s were crossed. As a result, our total amount of time at US Customs was 20 minutes or less. And 5 minutes of that was talking to the border guard who absolutely loved the new Enclave.

Highly recommended.
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