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Opinion on color choice

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We ordered the Carbon Flash exterior with cashmere/cocoa leather interior. I really like the look of the black/tan combination in a lot of other vehicles. I think we would have gone white/tan if a true white or something closer to it was offered, but it is not. We don't want another black leather interior car like her current one, and the titanium/grey/silver interiors have always been a little boring to me (my current vehicle, bleh, time for a change).

But after going back through the gallery I noticed just how much of the cocoa trim color there is in the interior with the cashmere leather. Do you guys think the brown trim (not just trim... it's the whole top of the dash, center console, and top trim on the doors, among other smaller things) will clash with a black metallic exterior? I haven't usually been too concerned with interior/exterior colors clashing, since that's really a hard thing to accomplish anyway! Buick seems to provide a helping hand there, I suppose - for Ming Blue, Blue/Gold Crystal, and Platinum the cashmere/cocoa leather isn't even an order option. If it is available for the Carbon, I suppose they took a look and decided it didn't look to bad? Titanium would probably look good, just a little bland and not the look we were going for.

So, what do you guys think? Take a look at the gallery and imagine a black metallic wrapper in those cashmere interior pics. Do you think it would clash bad, or work just fine?

MuddyZ, if you're out there, do you remember what interior colors seemed to be paired with the carbon pain most often? You liked the outside color... ever take a peek inside? :)
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Osli, I think that's a beautiful combination. I also like the new Carbon color. I would have changed my order to that but, I already have Black vehicles and will probably get another one next year. I also like the Cashmere(which is what I ordered). I wish you the best and I believe you will be very happy with that color combo.
Agree with prior post....I just rode in my friends MDX that is black with their new darker brown leather interior and really liked it a lot (wish GM had it for these CUVs - nice midpoint between tan and black when you get the brown right). I think the dark brown will look great with the black exterior.
Thanks for the replies. I had never personally seen a darker brown interior in a black vehicle. Glad to know you guys think it will look fine, and better yet that you have seen similar in an Acura and it looks good.
nice combo.
i went with cocoa /cashmere this time just to finally change it up and wanted my car now but,
all my other explorers had that combo
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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