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Ordered one

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I went ahead and ordered one today (from a dealer in Central NJ).

CXL AWD White Opal w/Ebony, DVD player, sunroof, luxury pkg, driver confi pkg, cargo shade and net.

I tried to get the dealer to commit slightly over invoice. They wouldn't. I have a GM supplier number, but I wanted to see what they would do before bringing that option to the table. They wouldn't budge saying these cars are "Hot" right now. Once I mentioned supplier pricing, they backed off and said they would be glad to sell it at the supplier price (minus any rebates at the time of sale). I am not eligible for Conquest any so I know I would be able to use that. Expected delivery is mid to late July. Who knows, maybe GM will have other rebates then. Folks on both the Acadia and Outlook forums have mentioned that they were able to order without a deposit. That wasn't the case for me. I had to plop down $500.00 I am not obligated to buy the car (deposit will be refunded) but the dealer told me they require a deposit.
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Yesterday, I went back to the dealer and re-test drive the last time before I made the final decision to order one for my wife. Well this time I pay more attention to look around the car, I am very impress with the outside style, fit and finish is very good, inside look very upscale and attractive, the only downside (maybe it just me) is the materials still not up to the luxury side, but that not going to turn me away for order-one.
Here the fun part, we agree with the supply price + rebate, but I have a trade-in and they gave my car below the trade-in value (kbb price), I told them that I just want a fair price for my car and we could have a deal, but the dealer won't budge. They said that they don't made money on order the car for me, so they have to made some money on my trade-in. I just laugh and tell him good luck and I will take my business somewhere else. (btw he asked for my phone # before I walk out the door, but no thanks).
monstersinc - Congrats! the waiting is the hardest part, but they are worth it!!

hxp - Wow, they really MUST be hot sellers if they let you leave without a counter-offer! Good luck on your quest for a great deal!
Good Luck. I was hoping GM would play fair and gain some customers.

Lots of fish in the sea and even the best vehicles shine eventually wears off.
Congratulations Montersinc - Does that NJ dealership have Enclave on the floor? I would love to test drive one and probably order one as soon as possible. I am looking for exact same options as yours but in Coca or Red, unfortunately every dealer i have called in NY / NJ area doesn't have one on the floor yet.

HXP - Excellent job, I hoping similar offers for my trade as well. I will most likely sell it private if the dealer won't give me a fair price.
Congrats. You'll love it.
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