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Ordered Without PCX Chrome Pkg Discount

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I haven't seen or driven an Enclave yet, but put in an order this afternoon anyway. Thanks to this and the sister forums, and a drive of an Acadia, I feel good about the purchase. The chrome package discount is not available for my AZ residence, but my small town dealer (Needles, CA) does not charge any advertising fees so it is about a wash. I have attached a list of the States/Counties outside of FL TX & CA that are eligible. Seems to make no sense. My neighboring county made the list, but not mine.
I was going to wait for the DK1 rear console to become available, but after reading about the long wait times, decided to pull the triger at $500 over invoice.
Cargo cover
Block Heater (In AZ?)
Assist Steps
Intelligent Remote


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Congratulations on your order. Hope you see it before the end of the year. ;) What is the cost of the intelligent remote and is this something you can add later?
sounds lovely, by the time they pull your order for assembly im sure the center console will be available.... keep in close contact w/your dealer perhaps you will be able to add it before they start the assembly.
Also note (though I cannot confirm this yet with my dealer) that the PCK Luxury package will delay the order. :sosad:
Gator said:
What is the cost of the intelligent remote and is this something you can add later?
We, dealer parts dept and myself, don't really know the P/N or price. It will be an add on after the vehicle arrives and if it is unreasonable I just won't add it. Somewhere on this forum I saw an approx estimate of $250 plus some dealer install (computer interface?) time. I see on GM Parts Direct that the std fob is $195 GM list price, so might be close to the estimate.

After one week, my order has still not reached the 2000 Accepted By GM code. The PCK Lux Pkg is holding it up. I read where it is the steering shaft availability causing the problem. I still don't quite understand the 25% allocation placed on the package. The dealer said it pertained to all vehicles ordered with PCK, not just his dealership. I guess the factory must build by some sort of 'fifo' with the Preliminary Order code 1100 date.

What is the discount for the PCX if you qualify? I'm in Tx.

anyone know what it would be for the GSU (GM supplier) code?

Is the PCX discount disappearing for 2009?


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