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Ok we have problems 08 enclave AWD cxl

Getting p0420, p0430

Any instructions how to change rear bank 1 upper O2 ?

The others from what I read are accessible but that one by firewall seems to be extremely difficult

I see with scan data I'm getting misfires and of course I'm going all in while I have the time

This is federal EPA SUV non carb

My plan because it's old and overdue

Spark plugs
Fuel injectors
Air filter
New PVC hose
Clean MAF / MAP
Clean throttle body
Replace O2 sensors

And if need be after all that

Replace Cats with Walker EPA cats

Suggestions and help would be awesome !!

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Yeah it's definitely a fed / EPA version

The California cars have a 3rd Cat in place where as the Fed only has precat on both sides

Thanks for heads up and link !!

Man the passion for working on cars sure has died. Wish I could find the interest I once had
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