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Phantom Black Metallic Enclave is in stock at dealerships!

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Looky what I found!! And it has all the options that Iwant on it!

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Supposedly a dealer here in Austin, TX has one as well..same color. I have not seen it sitting with the other Enclaves on the lot though. Link below:

2008 Buick Enclave Phantom Black Metallic
I doubt if they have the Carbon Flash Metallic (there is no Phantom Black in the brochure) yet...I don't think they are available yet. if you go to the dealer's website it is not listed
It is on the dealer's website-go to the build it out section and you will be able to pick both Carbon Black and Dark Crimson (the two new colors). Black adds $95 to the price tag. Small price to pay imo.
dealership must have misprinted that. there is no phantom black for the buick
I googled the VIN for the Enclave listed on the link and found that the dealer also has it listed at automart.com. Only at automart they call it a Red Jewel. The phantom black must be a misprint.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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