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Problem with GMC Customer Service - please help

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I'm trying to get my status code from GM. I called the 1-800-4A-BUICK and was basically told my vehicle was being built with no estimated time of completion :angryfire:. It's been this status for two weeks now. When I told her about the status codes she called a different department and was told that the codes are not given to the public :eek:. I know some people here got their codes with no problem. Can someone tell me what number to call to get the order status codes? My dealer is clueless and GMC Customer Service are bunch of lemmings. Why wouldn't they give the codes? Are they afraid to show the public that their progress is slow? :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: Please help :help:. Thanks.
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I called them last week to check up on my dealer. I gave them the "order number" from my copy of the order and after a couple of minutes he got back with me. I ordered on 4/23 and my status number was still 1100 just like my dealer said. Very disappointing, but it sounds like the wait will be worth it.
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