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The following per today's Automotive News:

--The 2018 Accord isn't selling; daily inventory levels currently are at 104 days (60 days is considered ideal).

The nameplate is losing share to the new 2018 Camry, which is both lower priced and has far superior lease deals (especially on the low end). Honda claims to be listening to its dealers' concerns, but some believe it too early to start cutting deals (which has never been Honda's way of doing business). Stores in South Florida and California have reportedly refused delivery of as many as 1,000 units each in the January/February timeframe.

--Toyota has yet to hit its target of 5,000 monthly units for the C-HR compact crossover.....it's best ever month was 4,400 in FEB.......which was originally intended for the defunct Scion brand. The current vehicle evidently doesn't work so well for Toyota, since it's FWD only and offers neither a leather or navigation option. Toyota says the model will continue "to evolve".

--Tesla reportedly shutdown production of the Model 3 from 2/20-24. It's no secret Tesla has had a fair amount of trouble getting geared up to build the Model 3 (and I understand they've refunded a fair number of deposits for that reason). Elon Musk wants to increase monthly Model 3 production to 2,500 units by the end of this month, and 5,000 units by the end of June. Tesla is claiming the production freeze was pre-planned.
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