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comiccolec said:
Easy answer! You will get the 2011 Model Enclave with the HUD, Single Color Body Style, with more electronic options than what is available now.

By then you should be able to get the factory installed Satelite TV with 2nd row 22" Flat Panel monitor, the optional cargo area refrigerator, and the extended life Li-ion Fuel Cell based electrical containment unit (battery) for the hybrid version of the vehicle. Also if you order the CNMF Package option (California,New Mexico, Florida) you can raise and lower the vehicle's suspension to the beat of 20.1 surround sound THX stereo XM/Sirius receiver.

I will personally want the nitrogen generator with 4 wheel pressurization kit installed in mine. And I want the latest single spoke platinum coated rims with programmable LED marquee lighting.

I would also like depending on cost the night vision front camera, lane monitoring, auto parking, laser cruise control intergrated into the NAV system. I should be able to get in the seat, program my NAV have it drive me to where I want to go while I eat, sleep or watch TV on my satelite receiver. I would think by then we will also have highspeed utlra-wide band internet available in the 2011 Enclave.

Or maybe that is just my wishlist .....you decide.
You know, as outrageous as this post was 7+ years ago, there are a few features he/she nailed.
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