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I ordered my front row weathertech mats for my Enclave today....while waiting for them to make a cargo/2nd row captain chair mat I did the following to save the rest of the vehicle from the ravages of winter and two kids:

Picked-Up 2 Pep Boys Clear Cargo Mats (style 510) (they're trimmable with patterns for many SUV, not ours)

I got them at a store but you may be able to get them on-line, their DB was down when I tried...


The first one fits perfectly on top of the 3rd row seats when they are flat, I'll store it in the garage.

Then, with the second, I removed the 'cargo organizer" behind the 3rd row (2 big hand tightened plastic screws)
Trim the cargo mat to fit over the cargo organizer not including the spring loaded flaps that cover the seats.
The bonus is that the piece you cut fits almost perfectly across the 2nd row floor!

Enjoy your 'Clave!
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