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Received a Buick Enclave questionnaire in the mail Saturday

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I received my GM Credit Card statement in the mail yesterday. Inside was a no stamp necessary if mailed in the United States questionnaire about the Enclave. It's pretty much the same questionnaire that they have on the gmcard.com web site under vehicle preferences. The Enclave is not on their web site yet.

Why am I making such a big deal about this? Well, sevaral months ago, I updated my vehicle preference to a GMC Acadia...before the Enclave came out. About four weeks after I updated my preference to the Acadia, I received a nice certificate in the mail for $1000 off the Acadia.

I'm hoping that I receive a similar certificate for the Enclave.

*** Just be sure to put Toyota and Honda vehicles down where it says, "Considering other makes and models?". You might get their attention a bit more...and hence receive a certificate. :pickme:
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