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Has anyone had any luck getting reimbursed for a repair to their Solenoid?

We have a 2009 Enclave with 115K miles. In October, the solenoid had to be replaced. A couple weeks later, the wave plate had to be replaced. The wave plate was part of the special coverage and the dealer replaced it. The solenoid was not replaced by the dealership, but by a reputable transmission shop. I'm assuming the solenoid went bad because of the wave plate since the two happened so together.

Fast forward to now and we just had to have all three catalytic converters replaced and while it was in the shop the mechanic told us the transmission was slipping. (I think @ 3rd gear). Hoping this is covered by the wave plate coverage.

I want so badly to love this car, but it's falling apart and costing us an arm and a leg. We have three small children under 6 and can't have a car break down on the side of the road this often. (Luckily the kids were not in the car the last three times it died!)

Any advice would be welcome!
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