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I'm hoping others have had experience with similar electrical gremlins. I have a 2018 Enclave Avenir with about 75k miles on the clock.

- A few months ago the rear view camera (Constantly displayed in the mirror) will occasionally flicker like there's a loose connection. It doesn't go out completely, just flickers like the signal cable is being messed with.

- Just a week ago, the door locks started to not respond when you approach the vehicle and press the button on the door or key fob. The lights flash, and the vehicle acts like it's unlocked, but the locks don't respond. Once in, the unlock / lock buttons don't respond from the inside, even with the engine started. To get in, I'll have to remove the decorative cover over the key lock and manually unlock the door with the physical key. It doesn't happen all the time, doesn't matter if the car's wet, dry, cold, or hot.

It seems like there's a wiring harness or two that's coming loose somewhere, hopefully someone here has some advice.

Thanks in advance
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