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This is an annoying issue. The Active Grille Air Shutter Module is a cheap plastic shutter on the front of the radiator. Apparently, it opens up or closes depending on the temp. If this is not giving the right response, the Check Engine and a U0285: Lost Communication with Active Grille Air Shutter 2 Motor Module. Ironically enough this error happened directly after a car wash and a radical temp drop (to 8°F). It has not worked sense.

What I am trying to find out is this. When the engine is off, what position are the shutters supposed to be in? Closed, or open? Since mine seem to be open 100% of the time I am not highly concerned. But since it is winter, I would certainly love to have the remote start working again. If the off mode is normally closed, I could attempt to guide the shutters closed.

HAs anyone else had this issue?
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