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Los Angeles to San Francisco.
5 on board- 3 adults/2 children. 2 child stroller and small luggage

830 miles round trip.

The MPG numbers below are for the highway portion. (does not include the driving once at destination)
the highway portion includes 'pit stops'

To San Francisco

217.7 miles @ 64/65 mph= 26.1 mpg.
then increased speed
174.0 miles @ 68/69 mph = 26.2 mpg.

To Los Angeles
308.8 miles @ 70 mph = 25.7 MPG

I refilled my tank in San Jose,CA.
Overall results for the tank (includes stop and go and highway)
469 miles -trip A meter
18.5 -DIC gal
18.6 -gal pumped (auto shutoff)
25.4 MPG- DIC
25.2 MPG- Hand Calc

For overall results from gas tank from San Jose...
359.7 miles -trip A meter
14.0 -DIC gal
14.5 -gal pumped (auto shutoff)
25.6 MPG- DIC
24.8 MPG- Hand Calc

an interesting pic---
had driven thru an area that was 50 degrees.
a while later- my dash displays ICE POSSIBLE DRIVE WITH CAUTION... dash displays 33 degrees... 32....
WTF ? ? ---- Im thinking malfunction.....
and I crack open the window--- whoa---- cold...
it keeps dropping to 26. Just surprissed me that temp dropped like that. (for me-- thats the coldest temp Ive ever driven in). nothing compared to what some of your get....
was also doing 65 ish and was near hitting 26 MPG.
was curious about the temp reading in metric- so switched over

after driving 217.7 miles... there is still a 336 mile range.


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Until I paid more attention to your post, I thought that you had your Traverse up to 100+ mph. :happy:
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