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I have a 2011 Enclave. All Wheel Drive. I've owned it for a little over 3 months. It's driven wonderfully - my kids and I love it. I did recently have it in the shop for 2 reasons - 1) I was getting a clicking/jumping issue when during. This would come mostly from the rear passenger side, but was bad enough it could be felt by the whole car (and was making my tire's choppy). Knowing that the tires that were on it when I got it were not even - (2 front were all season and pretty worn, 2 back were snows and great shape), I assumed it was something to do with the differential or transfer case. Which the dealer confirmed. That has not been fixed yet, but was scheduled be done when the parts came in. Issue 2) was an exhaust leak. The previous owner had already replaced the CATs on it with after market cats. I developed an exhaust leak, which you could hear, especially when first starting the car. The exhaust leak was very easy to find, it is where the cat in the front of the engine is located. There is missing bolts, so there was not a tight connection (seems like the person that had put them in was too lazy to remove the small heat shield to tighten the bolts right). So when the car went back in they were going to put new gaskets on that cat as well so solve that problem.

The mechanic confirmed the rest of the car looked great, no oil leaks, coolant leaks or anything like that. Mechanic is an Enclave owner himself - so pretty well versed in the car.

I did have a check engine light on - but I have run it myself with my snap on scanner, and the mechanic ran it with his. It was Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 1. No codes regarding engine, transmission, oil, anything like that.

Well fast forward 1 week since the mechanic saw the car. My husband and I hop in the car and get about .75 mile down the road and all the sudden we hear a loud noise (sounded like he hit something in the road, but there was nothing there). He lost all power. Coasted the car off the road and noticed that there was oil all over the road. Also noticed pieces of metal in the road where we first heard the "explosion". Collected the pieces and had the car towed back to our house to look at it further. One of the connecting rods blew through the front of the engine block. The pieces of metal I picked up on the road were apparently pieces of the connecting rods and the block. This is obviously a big problem and big repair.... debating if it is even worth it (2011 All Wheel Drive, with 149,000 miles on it) But it is the only vehicle we have that fits the whole family at one time.

So my questions:
1) Is this something that has happened to anyone else?

2) what would have caused something like this to happen? Normally when you have an issue with a rod you hear a knocking noise or something. We have no indications of any issues with the motor. I've put roughly 6,000 miles on the car - had the oil changed when we first got it - oil looked fine, was not low. I've check the oil regularly - put 1 quart in it about 4,500 miles after the change. was getting the oil changed next week when the rest of the repairs were happening. But it was not low and still looked good. Full synthetic oil.

3) any known issues that cause this or similar engine issues? honestly this is the nicest car I've ever owned (the other cars we own are a 1997 Ford Ranger and a 2001 Chevy Silverado - so you can tell that i'm sure to older cars with minor problems and know what to look out for) We had sold our 2007 Hyundai Van with a blown transmission to get this (the Hyundai had a TERRIBLE knock when you started it - but never gave us problems with that).

4) Opinions on whether its worth fixing? From what i've looked up - a used engine with block is going to cost about $2500. Then we have the additional costs of any gaskets, seals, and sensors that need replaced with it and of course the big one labor.

Thanks! I've been reading a ton of posts on here already and they are super informative and seems like this is a super helpful community!
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