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2011 cxl. 127k.

Car will shift from P to R, fiddle with it and it will go to N, then I have to shift to L to get to D.

Now for the saga leading up to this:

Power steering started to lag and lack assistance. Replaced power steering pump. After pump replacement car began to sound like it was supercharged (whine that revs with motor). Sigh wish it was supercharged, might be fun. Replaced steering rack thinking it could be the small electronic limiting valve on it, especially since sound was more noticeable inside on drivers side--old one was leaking oil into boots when removed. Still makes supercharged sound after replacing steering rack. Sound diminishes a little after a week or two. Returned power steering pump under warranty and installed new one figuring it was probably a bad pump. STILL makes supercharger sound. Bled the crap out of it.

Had a mechanic friend go for a ride and listen/drive car, said may be transmission. Called around to trans shops to get quotes on trans work, 3-5k ouch. Through research and comments from trans shops decided to check that it wasn't wave plates. Pulled gearset from trans (left in car, just lowered enough to get side plate off, DID leave shift cable attached to selector, but pulled from bracket), all plates good. Reassembled trans, filled with fluid, drove and checked etc. Drove fine (still has sound mind you), but shifter is off.

Shift to reverse from park and it shift into R when the console is only halfway into R, N when in transition from R to N, D just after N, and L when in drive it moved to detent/stop. Car drives fine, just touchy on the shift lever positions (the dash shows actual according to car movement, but console is early by 1/2 to 2/3 of movement in each position, can't use detents). Changed shift cable with GM replacement (specified for vehicle).

Now, I can manually move trans into P in engine compartment. Car starts, shows in park on dash and console. Can get into R (90% of time), can wiggle N and get it most of the time. D won't engage unless I shift to L, L is not able to be selected. Trying to place car in P again leaves trans in limbo between R and P with no gear selected on dash, and locks shifter to P position. If I go to engine compartment and manually move selector lever towards front of car it clicks into P and the process starts over.

At this point I'm not worried about the whine (was already planning on having dealer look at it).

I would like to figure out the whole shift lever/cable/selector issue though so the car can be reasonably driven without worrying about not being able to shift the transmission normally. So any tips, ideas, threads, solutions would be welcome.
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