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I'm 6' 2" also and noticed this during one of the test drives I took (all CXL's/lux pkg). At the time I too couldn't see the top of the speedometer either.

Now that I own one I have been able to adjust the seat to a comfortable position and see all of the instrument panel. I set the wheel full up, seat down and back slightly. I also have it reclined somewhat. This allows me more than enough room to see everything and maintain a comfortable driving position.

In the last week I've actually raised the seat a little. The full speedometer is still visible and I sit a little higher. What you see will depend on how much you recline and how far back from the dash you sit. BTW, the driver lumbar support is fantastic on this vehicle.

I put an image of what I see in my gallery (Yikes! I'm at 522 miles already!).

Hope this helps,

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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