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Stopped on the street

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So...now that we've had our Enclave for about 7 weeks...has anyone that has them noticed a lot of double-takes from people and been stopped a lot? We've never received so many compliments about a car. We regularly get comments from perfect strangers and, if we're paying attention, will notice a lot of double-takes on the road. And I may have to take a restraining order out on my dad to keep him from stealing it from us!! ;D

As a matter of fact, we got stopped by someone who told us he had worked on the sound baffling systems! When he asked how we liked, we told him of course, we love it.

Ours is white diamond with the sun roof (only discernible exterior features that make a difference), but we've got the CXL with the luxury package and everyone who sees the inside loves that too.

Is anyone else receiving that kind of response/feedback?

PS - MuddyZ - I hope you read this. This is one helluva car. Keep up the good work.
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We have the same vehicle, color and all. Friends who see it love it, especially the inside. In over a month though, I have had only two strangers ask about it. I need more attention than that! :blob:
I am not a fan of white cars, but the white diamond looks so luxurious. Such an amazing color...in all different shades of lighting.
Some cars look good in white, others not. I have always liked GM's white diamond and other "pearl" colors. I was never willing to pay for it in the past. In reality, I picked the color because that was what the dealer had coming in on the next truck!
<...has anyone that has them noticed a lot of double-takes from people and been stopped a lot?>

It happens all the time. Red lights, gas stations, parking lots...

It's only been three days but so far no reaction from the public. My friends and family love it. It's even won over the "I can't believe you're buying a Buick" crowd.

I was stopped next to an Acadia at a red light this afternoon and I was ready to give the driver a friendly wave but he didn't look my way.
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