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Sunroof Setup

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Today I took a hard look at the Enclave sunroof covers. The covers are made out of mesh? The front and the power shade in the first row are made out of mesh. It appears to be cheap feeling and not very long lasting. I'm used to a solid slider that matches the roof materials.

Any thoughts or ideas why it was done in this way?
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I think they talked about this over on acadiaforum too.. The front cover rolls up in the ceiling, it is probably because of the second row skylight is in the way for a solid, also you can vent and maybe open the sunroof with the cover still closed so it will let air flow but keep most of sun and dust out!!
I wasn't sure if the Sunroof opened to the outside, or if it slid back between the headliner and the top. It does open to the inside and that's another plus too. :blob:
What do you mean it opens to the inside??
meaning the glass doesnt slide on the top of the roof rather goes in between the roof and headliner.
oh. well he said two different things so i didnt know what he mean. thanks
Some Sunroofs open at an angle and is on top of the roof when it's fully open. Some slide straight back between the metal roof and the headliner. Since the distance is not too wide between the sunroof and the fixed glass, I wasn't sure how the Enclave opened until yesterday. It slides between the metal roof and the headliner when open. :blob:
Normally those over the roof ones are either custom job or in older two door sports coupes where the roof line is already too low.
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