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madhunter said:
Level 10 doesn't list the 6T75 as one of their transmissions to rebuild. Max tq rating is 300lb/ft. I reiterate that modifying one of thesese for a G6 may be OK but the load for moving this beast is much higher. I would suggest if you have this donw to not go much bigger than stock tires to keep your tires as the limiting factor. There are a lot more components than just the trans (diff's, shafts) that may need strengthening.
yep but I know Pat Barret for more than 20years back to when he owned his first tranny shop. He can and will modify just about anything you bring to him...He just does not have a kit for it... Probably the best drive shaft builder in the US is close by me in Salisbury, NC..

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Hello All,
I am basically looking for those who are seriously interested in supercharging their 3.6L (Enclave).
I am currently working with a company, (beginning stages) on design, engineering, etc a kit for our enclaves.
What we are looking at thus far....
M90 Supercharger New: $1850.00
Intake Manifold (Designed and Fabricated):$1800.00 - $2900.00 Pulleys (Designed and Machined):$650-$750 Intercooling : $1800.00-$2200.00 Air Intake(Designed and Fabricated): $550.00-$650.00 Brackets and Misc $750.00
No mods needed to OEM engine as far as internals....
6-8PSI ;D
GM ECU re-mapping... :-\
Possibly dif injectors ???
estimate power increase 30-40%.....with intercooler :blob:
prob 20% without.
Of course if we can get enough interested.....(sorta a group buy), pricing would significanly decrease.
I am also inquiring on fully documenting/video as much of everything as can be...design, machining, fab work, and install...
I will be looking to have this featured or atleast mentioned on some sort of enthusiast show, such as the powerblock etc.
This could also effect the cost becuase the PR the company would get would be great.
So who's interested?
I am an avid Buick Enclave fan. At 6’8” it is the only SUV I can actually get the front seat far enough back to no touch the pedals.
I have supercharged, lowered, added headers and added wildewood brakes to my 2014 Denali. It has changed the whole complection of the vehicle. It was great to drive before, now it handles so much better and the acceleration is just stupendous. It is still very useful for what we use the big SUV for, just more fun to drive.
I am hopefull to be able to do this for a Buick Enclave, though I would prefer to do an AWD vehicle to limit traction issues with a FWD. That said I would be in on this if you get the details worked out. Our current Enclave is a 2010 in FWD. We are contemplating buying a 2019 when they come out in AWD.
Please keep me in the loop on this project. I am very interested.

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you posted on a 7 yr old thread.
the original posted has not been back since May 2011.

There was a thread on the Acadia forum, of a member who did in fact add a turbocharger to his unit.
Had pics etc.
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