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Test drove Enclave finally

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I have been following the Lambda's since December. My wife and I went to a dealership to give a hard look at the Enclave and the Acadia.
We have an 18 month old and twins on the way :eek: so we are looking for a vehicle that can handle the task. We drove a fully loaded CXL with AWD on the highway with the AC on. My wife did 98% of the driving because its going to be her primary vehicle. I'll test drive a lambda by myself in the near future.

Concerns before test driving:
1) Wife was worried that the vehicle would be too big for her.
2) I read somebody post on edmunds that they were getting rid of their Acadia due to poor visibility in lane changing, nearly causing two accidents.

The test drive
We took it for a short test drive comprising of getting onto a highway lane changing and some parking lot manuvers to test out turning radius, rear visibility and parking. My wife said that that the vehicle was not too big for her. I noted that acceleration was fine. We are going to purchase a FWD model so performance will be better with 210 lbs less weight. So our two big issues before the test drive have been addressed to our satisfaction. ;D
The Enclave is quiet and handles very well for a vehicle its size. The only nitpicky thing my wife and I noticed is that the steering wheel is thin and small for the size of the vehicle. My CTS has a large and thick wheel which some people have complained about go figure. I think it is a "get used to it" item

cargo capacity,seat access inspection

When my wife looked at the cargo capacity behind the 3rd row she was concerned that a double stroller might not fit back there. I was concerned as well. We will also have to carry a stroller for our 18th month old on family outings. My wife is the person who is reluctant to get a minivan. I'm more of the practical one, yet she claims that she is not into cars. She is the first to comment openly on ugly cars i.e. Scion xB, element.
My wife wanted to look at the back of the Odyssey for comparisons. Fast forward 24 hrs
A neighbor of ours that has a new ody let us look at theirs. The ody has a little well to give some more space but it is nothing dramatic. I was not impressed with the quality or look of the leather on the Ody it is low grade leather IMHO. I did not like the dash from seeing it at the DC auto show either.

Further analysis
We feel if the double stroller does not fit in the back we can lower the 40% side 3rd row and put the stroller there and the single stroller can either go between the captain chairs and the front seats or between second and 3rd row, or lie longitudinal between 2nd and 3rd row.
Our family is local so we will not be taking many long trips with the vehicle. If the need arises for more space I think I'll get a rooftop box.
If anyone has double stroller experience with either the Acadia or Enclave please chime in.
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Sounds like with all those babies and stuff you need a bus :angel:

Thanks for the feedback on the drive. It is always good to hear the view from others so you have a broader view on what to look for.
I think a bus would be a great idea. Do they come with heated seats? ;D ;)
Sounds like you are leaning towards captains chairs for second row? I have a 6 year old and twin 4 yr olds. We have an Explorer currently with a 3rd row seat. When the twins were born we upgraded from a Mazda Tribute so we could fit all 3 kids in the second row in car seats.
Just a note from experience - with an 18month and two new borns it would be much easier for you to have them all in the second row. With captains chairs your 18month old will have to climb into the 3rd row and probably can't buckle their own carseat so one of you will have to climb back there to do it for them. Plus the 3rd row is unreachable if your 18month old wants something during the ride, which they always do. Loading really young ones (toddlers) is much easier if you have a bench second row. In addition, you can leave the 3rd row folded down for the double stroller and all the extra "stuff."
If your kids were older I'd probably suggest the captains chairs as you aren't concerned about having to buckle them in yourself in the 3rd row.
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budi said:
I think a bus would be a great idea. Do they come with heated seats? ;D ;)
Yes electric blankets?
Yes I am interested in the captain chairs. I have thought about the 2nd row bench but my wife wants the captains.
We can slide between the captain chairs to buckle in my oldest in the 3rd row then place the twins in the captains. What I am still trying to figure out is if there are infant bases such as a Britax's Companion attached with LATCH or with the seat belt, will the seat slide forward at all.? I realize that it won't fully collapse but just want to know if it will slide forward a few inches. If I get the bench seat and place all 3 in the second row and if the need arises that we need the 3rd row for seating I will be forced to remove a carseat or base then reinstall.
wow, that seems like a whole bunch of work.... i was worried about my baby son needing to get in the 3rd row until i thought about it. he doesnt ever have to sit back there its his car. whoever wants to ride can get back there. but i do understand your point and if i am not mistaken you will have to undo one of the car seats to use the smart slide system if you should choose the bench seat otherwise they can climb over the 3rd row through the hatch lol j/k. do what is easiest for you and your family because you guys will be the ones riding in the car the most and its all about your comfort everyone else will be for the short haul.
If you are leaning toward the captains chairs I wouldn't change my mind so that you could put three car seats next to each other on the 2nd row bench seat. Three kids next to each other poking each other, swiping snacks, :eek:hno: I don't think Buick's quiet tuning is that good.
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