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The agony continues.....

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It has been a whole month now since we placed our order. No build date yet, however, the dealer did let me know that they accepted the order. The saying "slow as molasses in February" comes to mind.
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Get used to it. Ordered 4/23, with no end in sight!
Don't worry yet. I went from "no build date yet" to "delivery is scheduled for" in only two weeks. It might still go fast.

Ticner, I feel for ya. I'd be livid.
Same here...ordered 4 Jun and the dealer says it has yet to be picked up! Maybe GM is spending their time in the press rather than production floor because I keep seeing numerous ads on TV and articles in magazines. I think I even remember seeing a golf or tennis event that was sponsored by the Enclave.
ordered 4/16...nothing...natta! not impressed with the way gm runs their business. the stock reflects my experience.
if i don't get something solid soon, i'll be picking an alternate vehicle. i've had enough.
Just test drove a cocoa metallic CXL, FWD, Ent. Pkg. #2, chrome wheels, sun roof/skylight, cashmere leather, MSRP 39,000, located in Nashville, TN. Beautiful car. Saleman said that he couldn't special order one without it going against their dealer inventory. He said he didn't expect to get any more till late August.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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