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The Enclave has landed!

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Just got a call today - our Enclave is on the ground at the dealer as of this morning. Ours will be the first I have seen in person and the first our dealer has received. We're about 40 miles from Spokane and I've heard there are a few there, but it looks like we get to have the first Enclave in town. We'll pick it up on Thursday to give them time to prep it and await reopening after the holiday. We ordered on 4/21 and were told it would arrive 7/1 - close enough. Glad it came this week - I was getting nervous about missing out on the conquest cash.
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We ordered ours on April 23rd. It's supposed to be at the dealers around Friday or Monday next week. The dealer has already told me not to worry about the Conquest rebate thats ends on the 9th. If there is a better deal on the 10th he'll give me that, other wise he'll give me the Conquest rebate.

We were originally told 4-6 weeks, but within a couple days they had changed that to 8-10 weeks. Well, it's over 10 weeks, which is what we kinda figured.
Oh yeah Raftdoc. Congrats and enjoy being the talk of the town!!!! :cheers:
yeaaaaaa :clap2:
Congrats! I got my first compliment from a stranger today. A valet told me, "that's a nice SUV" and I said "thanks, it's a Buick"
Follow-up: My wife and I couldn't wait until tomorrow, so we went snooping at our closed dealership today trying to find our Enclave. We looked around the lot - nope, not there. We checked around back - no luck. The showroom? Unh-uh. Then we peered into the window of the service bay - Ta-da! There she was, all Gold Mist and glistening. So now I've laid eyes on my first Enclave, just haven't touched or sat in one yet - I guess these things happen in stages. What torture!
Went and picked up our Enclave this morning. First thing they asked us was if we really wanted it - they apparently had a small list of buyers for it if we didn't want it. This is the first and only Enclave so far for this dealership - among the multiple gawkers we had today were a few of the sales and other staff at the dealership. We were clearly the highlight of their business day today. Other customers there at the dealership were quite interested - wanted to know what it was, how much, etc. Only drove it about 10 miles today - out to lunch and then home, where we've been poring over the manual and adjusting all the gizmos to our liking. I agree with others that pictures and vicarious knowledge don't do this vehicle justice - its very striking in person. I even think the two tone color scheme might grow on me. The Cashmere/Cocoa interior and the Gold Mist/Cocoa exterior actually make for a very cohesive look. I'm happier with it than I thought I'd be.
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I'm happy for you raftdoc. I hope you enjoy it.
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