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Tracking Dealer Inventory

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I've noticed that the three local dealerships have received 8 Enclaves and so far, only 1 has sold. The remaining 7 began arriving about 3 weeks ago. This doesn't include preorders, of course. What seems to be the trend for each of you?
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i have only seen 1 per dealership here in southern cali and none on the streets so, i really dont think too many people here are aware of this car which works for me. i would like to be the 1st w/one hehehehehehehe. (wishfull thinking)
my dealers website only shows one enclave which has been there for a little over a week!
In early May I called each of the Buick dealerships in the DC area. One in northern Virginia had 8 in stock, another had 4 on the lot and 4 more due in. A couple of the others had just one or two.

Very few of them had put their Enclave inventories online. I ended up calling Buick and giving them my specs. They found one in Ohio for me.

Someone on Edmunds mentioned using autotrader to check inventory since GM doesn't seem to have Enclave info yet. I found some in my area using this method.

I check the local dealer websites for inventory. They are all pretty good at updating the website to reflect current inventory.
I stopped by the dealership tonight to try and test drive an Enclave. They have three on the lot but they are all sold. So, no test drive for me yet. I finally got to see the Blue Gold up close (and sit in it) and I'm really happy with the color. :blob: No news on the status of my order. Accepted by production - no build date.

The dealership has 4 more that they are expecting and they are all presold. The salesman said the Enclaves are moving faster than the Acadia's and he wouldn't be surprised if the Enclaves outsell the Acadias this year. Anyway, that leaves 4 Enclaves available for purchase in the New Orleans area.
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