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Tri-Zone climate control

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So I have got questions for the owners or anyone else who can answer.

Is there a way to control the 3rd zone from front? I mean the young kids may be hot or cold in the back and you never know, is it possible to set the temp so the whole car is in sync all from the front instrument panel or the 3rd zone is by itself and can only be adjusted from the back?
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Assuming it's the same as an Acadia (and I'm sure it is), You can set it to be in sync with the front. You cannot manually control the rear zone separately from the front, however. You CAN pretty easily reach the rear controls from the front though, as long as you memorize which buttons do what so you can do it by feel ;) We actually do this with the rear audio controls from time to time.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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